Indian or Tibetan Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a seated massage, lasting approximately 30 minutes with benefits that include helping to relieve stress by soothing tired, aching muscles in the head, back and neck.

This therapy has evolved from traditional Indian head massage techniques and now works on areas that include the upper back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, scalp and facial muscles. Some ‘chakra’ energy work may be included towards the end of the session and more information can be given before the treatment if required.

Traditionally, oils are used to when working on the hair and scalp, however if you are unsure that you want oils used you may prefer to have a ‘dry’ treatment without oils in your hair if you prefer.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage promotes a sense of wellbeing whilst aiding sleep and a feeling of balance and calm. It can help in the following symptoms and more:

  • Relieves tension.
  • Alleviates the symptoms of stress.
  • Helps to reduce everyday aches.
  • Helps aid sleep.
  • Relaxes and reinvigorates the body.
  • Improves mood and promotes a sense of general well-being.

In order to gain maximum benefit from your treatment it is recommended that you drink a glass of water, rest and avoid eating a heavy meal afterwards.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

A Indian Head Massage treatment lasts 30-40 minutes, however the first appointment will last approximately 1 hour as an initial consultation form will need to be completed, in order that I can provide the best possible treatment.

What to Wear

This treatment can be performed without oils through lightweight tops, such as T-Shirts and blouses; it is best to avoid wearing heavy jumpers. If you would prefer me to use oil, you will be invited to remove your top and will be provided with a towel to wrap around yourself, so that your shoulders are exposed during the treatment.

Appointment Prices:     

40 mins Block of 3* Block of 5*
£35 £90 £140

Tibetan Head Massage

This treatment differs from the Indian Head Massage, in that it is provided whilst you are laying on the couch and oils are not used. The treatment will be given on your head, face, shoulders, upper back, arms, hands, legs and feet. The use of a Tibetan Singing Bowl at the beginning and end of the session, is to heighten the atmosphere and vibration level of the session.

Appointment Prices:     

60 mins Block of 3* Block of 5*
£40 £100 £170

*Treatments to be taken within 2 months of purchase – 50% Payable in advance
Gift vouchers for one off treatments or blocks of treatments are available, please ask. Payments should be made by cash or in advance with Paypal.