Reflexology is a non-invasive touch therapy. It is based on the principle that reflexes (points and areas) on the feet and lower leg, correspond to internal organs and other physical structures. The Reflexologist stimulates specific places on the foot or hand, according to this “map” to access the organs, muscles, bones, lymph nodes and endocrine glands of the body, depending on the needs of the client.

Professional Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic (traditional western) healthcare to promote better health for their clients. They do not claim to diagnose, cure or prescribe.

If you have been injured or are lacking energy, reflexology can help to restore balance and coax your body into healing itself. It can be useful for treating stress, anxiety, sleep problems, back pain, arthritis, headaches, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory problems, asthma, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms, period pain, infertility and hormonal imbalances.

Reflexology is a therapy that can be received by anyone at any age, from babies to the elderly.


40 mins Block of 3* Block of 5*
£40 £110 £180

*treatments to be taken within 2 months of purchase – 50% Payable in advance
Gift vouchers for one off treatments or blocks of treatments are available, please ask. Payments should be made by cash or in advance with Paypal.